“Born in the Wild”: Tems’ Journey from “Mr Rebel” To Global Stardom

Nearly six years after the release of her breakout single “Mr Rebel” in 2018, Nigerian superstar Tems has unveiled her highly anticipated debut LP, “Born in the Wild.” In the years leading up to this album, Tems has experienced a meteoric rise, marked by numerous career milestones. From her acclaimed 2020 debut EP “For Broken Ears” to global megahit collaborations with Wizkid and Justin Bieber on “Essence” and Drake on “Fountains,” Tems has continually pushed the boundaries of her artistry. Her sophomore EP, “If Orange Was a Place,” appearances on the 2022 “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” soundtrack, including songwriting credits for Rihanna’s “Lift Me Up,” and a Grammy win for Future and Drake’s “Wait for U” in 2023 further solidified her status as an international star.

“Born in the Wild” captures Tems’ remarkable journey over the past few years, presenting a deeply personal narrative across 18 tracks. The album offers a glimpse into her journal, documenting the highs of her burgeoning career and her inner struggles. “I had to step back a bit, to check in with myself,” Tems (Temilade Openiyi) shares with Apple Music, “and also just find healing from all the trauma and everything I experienced before ‘Tems’. I think I had to unlearn a lot of things. This album is just a new way of me expressing myself, while still centring who I am in it.”

The album delves into themes of impostor syndrome, rebuilding self-confidence, navigating relationships, and learning to trust oneself. Despite the introspective nature of the work, it’s clear that this is the journal of someone who has done the work and is ready to embrace the next chapter. Tems’ signature honest and mature storytelling is ever-present, with her distinctive voice balancing layers of raw emotion and natural ease.

Tems’ reflective songwriting showcases her sonic maturity and defies genre restrictions. She seamlessly traverses from R&B (“Burning”) to fusions of Afrobeats and amapiano (“Get It Right”), while also celebrating her culture and heritage, exemplified by her reimagined version of Seyi Sodimu’s 1997 hit, “Love Me Jeje.”

“Born in the Wild” is a monument to Tems’ personal and artistic development, providing fans with a truly intimate and emotional listening experience.

Get it here : https://album.link/i/1750361972

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