Dar Rich – Dar Story (Episode 1)


 A story is told about a young man who has had no happiness, has seen pain and has experienced suffering. In his two decades and some years on earth, it’s been one problem unto another.Where three square meals is hard to come by where catering for himself and his education is his major headache.  He’s had to go through a lot to make ends meet to cater for himself and his mum.
 But through all the struggles , he has the determination and the zeal to work hard to succeed in life.
Even though, life has thrown so many stones at him, he’s of the belief that, to reach the top, you must fall so many times. It is by his setbacks and determination to make it in life that his influenced Dar Rich to come out with a song where he gives a detailed description of the life of the gentleman
 On Dar Story as well , he talks about pain, suffering and struggles the young man goes through and his motivation determination to succeed
The song is to inspire all who find themselves in difficult situations and to remind them that, no matter how difficult life is, one can succeed with determination and hard work.

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