Denzel Roberts – WYSIWYG

Denzel Roberts goes through a long phase of redefining his sound and finally comes out with a heartfelt organic hiphop from the streets of Tema. He couldn’t have done it better without Kushesha’s very own Pambour, the storyteller – “After a weekend session in tema, I ran into Pambour and I knew him from his twitter videos and I really liked his style, I told him and we went straight to Kushesha Studios to play him some of my stuff with his whole team in the studio including one of Tema’s finest producers Jayfyn and they knew I was up to something as well and I told him I was gonna come back with a banger and I really did. Song was recorded in no time and here we are!”

Also, Denzel definitely couldn’t have done it without NixieOfficivl as producer, the one person Denzel spends all his time with making music and mastering the craft – “Nixie is a brother, a day one friend and he’s the only one whom I feel believes in me more than I even do. He’s the only one who knows and understands every pitch of my emotion on a song. Ready to make music with him forever.”

WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) is an obvious title Denzel would use for the fact that he’s quite a tech guy and studied Computer Science back in Uni. This song basically talks about the realities of life, the hardships in the Industry and the fact that dreams are not enough unless you’re actually doing something about it. It also goes in deep to express how he truly feels and questioning the loyalty of his surroundings – that if he actually does something about his dreams, are you riding?

Pambour comes in with a heavy voice and a “Sagaa” entrance to top it up with real life situations. He’s in search of success and wealth and goes on to talk about how he’s keeping his passion alive throughout the difficulties and the state of hardship from where he’s from.

All of these feelings being expressed on a low riding bass, emotional pads, hard kicks and a warning trumpet making a huge statement is how NixieOfficial holds down the entire record.
Overall, WYSIWYG is a strong collaboration with the right people to do it; Denzel Roberts with his emotional sing-raps, Pambour telling the story with his steadily rhymes and NixieOfficial creating that perfect space for music.


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