Desiigner And 1da Banton Unite For Summer Anthem “Best Life”

American hip-hop star Desiigner and Nigerian Afro-pop sensation 1da Banton have teamed up to create the ultimate summer anthem, “Best Life.” This electrifying track masterfully blends the grit of East Coast trap with the infectious melodies and pulsating drum patterns of Afrobeats, offering a unique and refreshing sonic experience.

Produced by the multi-talented 1da Banton himself, “Best Life” is a powerful collaboration between two independent music powerhouses: Riveting Music and Squareball Entertainment. This strategic partnership allows both artists to showcase their strengths and broaden their global reach.

Desiigner brings his signature high-pitched delivery and energetic flows, injecting the track with undeniable swagger. Meanwhile, 1da Banton contributes smooth vocals and catchy melodies that perfectly complement Desiigner’s intensity. The result is a song brimming with positive energy and summer vibes.

Get it here :

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