DJ Wicked And Posi Team Up For Cosmic EP ‘Troubles Of The Heart’

Friday 17th February 2023, Cameroon songstress Posi teams up with Dj Wicked for an extensive journey on love. Posi has carved a name for herself by staying consistent and on their new collaborative EP with Dj Wicked she croons on the highs and lows of love as they continue in their string of sonically cohesive projects.

‘Troubles Of The Heart’ comes with an endearing production from lovelorn souls with an emotional, introspective journey filled with music that celebrates the beauty and complexity of life and love. Love is a difficult game and can leave us feeling worthless at times,confused whether to stay or part ways.Posi and Dj Wicked understands that not everything has to have a happy ending and we should be satisfied that atleast we have reached the end of the road. From the defying intro “Apart,” Posi’s stentorian yet graceful vocals earnestly soar over the gentle violin strings immediately drawing you into a world of unrequited love as Posi sings “..don’t know if we will be together even if I say we will…” The celestial production sets the perfect drop for love since its extraterrestrial.

The gentle production ushers you into “Unsaid” a song that can be described as genius. With Dj Wicked’s tag drawing you into a sonic haven , Posi paints a melancholy picture when you unexpectedly lose love. The chords and instruments used are meant to encourage deep thought of the things that are harder to say when experiencing a break up. The lyrics ground you in a sulky but comforting way due to the relatable nature of heartbreak. Yet on “Closer” there is strength erupting from the loneliness you experience without love. Despite this Posi still admits that there is safety in having a significant other. Teaming up with Manlike Deji on the vocals, a image of two lovers talking over phone is painted in the mind of the listener as the vocal arrangement shifts as he sings “you are my safety net.”

Whether singing of infatuation or self love like in “Runnin” Dj Wicked ensures to offer a compelling arrangement of production chords. The recurring synths in “ Runnin” are in line with Posi’s surety of always returning back to her lover despite being emotionally or mentally unstable as she sings “..sometimes you keep on running cause its the only thing to do..” showing her listeners of the complex nature of love despite it being pure and beautiful. Every song on the album is curated and tailored to relay the different emotions we feel in love and “Intensity” not only showcases Posi’s sultry vocals but Dj Wicked’s crescendo drums and piano keys reflect the rage and passion experienced in love.

Troubles Of The Heart,’ is a cumulation of electrifying yet exhausting love that we all experience but often find hard to let go. The intensity of wanting to have someone for life but also the unsurity of their position in your life. Posi and Dj Wicked take you on a sonic journey as they agree with you on the troubles love causes to our heart.

Listen to ‘Troubles Of The Heart’ here:

About Posi

Terese Eposi Chando, better known as Posi is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter from Cameroon/North Carolina based in the DMV. She started practicing music from a very young age by learning how to play the piano, violin and singing in choirs all by the age of eight. Posi’s early accomplishments include starring as leads in musicals and winning her middle school talent shows with arrangements such as “Pretty Hurts” by Beyonce. Posi’s musical training continued when she began singing for her late piano teacher Patrice Kaluza. With Kaluza, Posi recorded a variety of CDs (classical, holiday, and new age) that furthered her interest in becoming a recording artist. In 2019, Posi teamed up with a producer that would allow her to bring visions to life. She wrote a song early that year that would propel her into a phase of perfecting her song-writing, music knowledge, vocals, and creating across multiple genres/styles such as Afrobeats, Rnb/Soul, Pop and Alternative. Her influences include a wide variety of artist like Florence the Machine, Tems, Asa, Jhene Aiko, Cleo Sol and more. In early 2022, Posi began to put together her first body of work, “Troubles of the Heart”.

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