Fameye teams up with Nigerian singer Patoranking on ‘Sober (Soo Bad)’

Ghanaian singer, songwriter and performer Fameye and Nigerian sensation Patoranking have joined forces to deliver an anthem!

The song is titled “Sober (Soo Bad)” and it’s laden with emotive lyrics that offers listeners a glimpse into the artists’ inner struggles and unwavering resolve in the face of adversity. 

The combination of Fameye’s emotive delivery and Patoranking’s reggae-infused vibe brings a unique flavor to the song, making it resonate with a wide audience. 

“Sober (Soo Bad)” highlights the shared values of both artists: the importance of staying true to oneself, the power of resilience and the belief in using one’s platform to inspire and motivate others.

The song goes beyond the personal narratives of Fameyeand Patoranking; it reflects a universal truth about the human spirit’s capacity to overcome.

It’s a musical reminder that, despite the trials and tribulations life may throw our way, staying focused, maintaining integrity and harnessing the negative as a source of motivation can lead to unprecedented success.

“Sober (Soo Bad)” is available on digital streaming platforms here: https://onerpm.link/fameye-sober


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