Ghanaian Dancehall Star J.Derobie Returns with Empowering EP “Firm After All”

Ghanaian dancehall sensation J.Derobie returns with a bang, releasing his latest EP, “Firm After All.” This 5-track project marks a new phase in his musical career, following his departure from emPawa Music. J.Derobie showcases his ability by smoothly blending afrobeats and dancehall influences throughout the EP.

The project’s themes revolve around tenacity and loyalty, which represent J.Derobie’s own experiences. J.Derobie discussed the challenges he experienced and expressed optimism for the future in a promotional video that preceded the EP’s release.

With “Firm After All,” J.Derobie encourages listeners to accompany him on his journey of resilience and progress.

Get it here :

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