Israel Maweta, Nacee, Drop Video For “Zi Kpoo Remix”

Israel Maweta released new music video for his song, “Zi Kpoo Remix”. The song is the 8th track from his 19th Solo Album titled “Amenuveve”.

Nacee, renowned Ghanaian Gospel Singer/Producer, was featured on the song. He was the one who also produced it for Israel Maweta.

Watch Video Here:

“Zi Kpoo Remix” is an emotion-stirring worship song which was originally done by Israel Maweta alone. While working on the Album project, Nacee himself chose to jump on the remix. Out of 8 songs listed for “Amenuveve” Album, 5 of them were produced by Nacee. Other producers for the Album are Raizo Lino and Gbonfou Edjona Kokou.

Listen to “Amenuveve” Album on All Major Music Digital Platforms:

Israel Maweta is a Ghanaian born of Volta descent, precisely from Tegbi. He is best identified with Gospel and African Traditional Music genres, amongst which are Borborbor, Agbadza, Kinka, Zigi, Asafo, Zibo, Appellation etc.

He won “Traditional Song Of The Year” at Ghana Music Awards in 2003 with his popular song cum Album “Akume He”. Notable hits he is known for are “Woewoe”, “Medi Be Mayi”, “Kristo Yome”, “Tsor Si Gborna”, “Adiba”, “Kpodze Ngo”, “Wovevewo Nu Ayi”, just to name a few.

In all, Israel has at least 23 Albums to his credit; under a 25-year musical career.

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Watch the video below.

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