Khaid – Diversity (Full Album)

Nigerian singer-songwriter Khaid (actual name: Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon) has shown so much prospects of a music superstar with his ability to blend emo-trap with Afropop.

At the age of 17, his melodious TikTok freestyles gained him a lot of attention, and he became the marquee artist at Lagos-based Neville Records (established by comedian Sydney Talker). “Freestyling allows me to generate flows and nice lines,” he said, “so when I’m writing a song, I might take a freestyle and add lyrics to it.”

DIVERSITY is the culmination of Khaid’s 18-month artist development program, during which he grew as a songwriter, live performer, and fine art connoisseur. “The EP depicts how I lived in the past while branching out into other musical genres,” Khaid explains. “We are all made up of various parts—discover them all and enjoy the variety.”

He straddles the booming bass and heaving drums of amapiano as he reflects on his streetwise upbringing throughout six tracks, blending the freedom of trap with local inspirations and straddling the booming bass and heaving drums of Amapiano.

Khaid is establishing himself as the next wonderboy of Afropop, an aim he stresses across DIVERSITY with the repeating word “shleet,” a name he coined to represent “a youthful, fresh blood doing things differently.”

The name ‘Khaid‘ is here to stay and gradually etching his name in the chronicles of African music.

Listen to ‘Diversity’ below and tell us what you think.

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