Libianca’s 2023 EP “Walk Away” Explores the Duality of Knowing and Doing Better in Love

Continuing the outpouring of vulnerability that characterised her 2022 single “People”, Cameroonian singer-songwriter Libianca tackles the challenges of knowing better versus doing better on her 2023 EP Walk Away. The first half of the six-track project is a soulful meditation on knowing when to move on in love.

On “In a Way”, she reflects on a breakup that was a blessing in disguise (“I thank God for the lesson”), while on “angeldemon”, she admits that something ugly’s festering beneath the patina of a healthy romance. “W.O.M.S (Weight on My Shoulder)” sees her get plain about a lover who’s dragging her down, with a self-assured bounce rounded out by Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez and Ghanaian American singer Moliy.

The balmy “Mistaken” is a realisation that she could do a lot better, a level of clarity at which she arrives with the help of Afro-fusion star Oxlade and American pop singer Chlöe. A renewed self-confidence permeates the EP’s closer, “Jah”, a call for divine help and a celebration that what she’s moving towards is infinitely better than what she had to leave behind.

Listen below.

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