Long-awaited Arrival: Kofi Kinaata Releases Solo Extended Play ‘Kofi OO Kofi’

Ghanaian music sensation Kofi Kinaata has made history with the release of his highly anticipated debut studio album titled “Kofi OO Kofi.” After dominating the music industry for over a decade with song after hit, Kinaata now gives fans a seven-track masterpiece highlighting his storytelling prowess and poetic creativity.

The album features Kinaata going solo on a long-length project for the first time in his career, marking a significant milestone in his journey as an artist. Each track on “Kofi OO Kofi” expertly carves out captivating stories, demonstrating Kinaata’s ability to weave compelling narratives through his music.

The wait is absolutely worthwhile. Each song on the extended play has a lot of replay potential and will undoubtedly top the charts in the coming weeks.

Get it here : https://album.link/i/1744479814

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