Major League DJZ & Wiz Khalifa Combine For ‘Mine For The Night’

Prolific South African pair Major League DJz has teamed up with well-known American rapper Wiz Khalifa in an unusual yet exciting musical partnership to record a new song called “Mine For The Night.” This tune represents Wiz Khalifa’s debut in the Amapiano genre, a South African house music style that has gained global momentum.

‘Mine For The Night’ is more than just a new single; it’s a daring experiment with musical boundaries and a monument to the power of teamwork. Wiz Khalifa and Major League DJz have collaborated on a music that will undoubtedly appeal to fans worldwide. As Amapiano continues to grow in popularity, this collaboration represents a major juncture in the genre’s international journey, indicating its potential to captivate listeners all over the world.

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