NSG’s Debut Album Redefines the Afroswing Culture with “Area Boyz”

NSG, the East London six-piece band whose name aptly stands for Nigeria Slash Ghana, is redefining the Afroswing landscape with their long-awaited debut album, “Area Boy.” This group brings unshakable anthems that resonate with faith, companionship, and unwavering dedication to the hustle, delivered directly from a Hackney estate.

Known for their spiritually informed Afroswing style, NSG has been a source of joy in the everyday lives of many. Their roots trace back to West Africa’s powerhouse nations, Nigeria and Ghana, and in their 2020 release, “Roots,” they proudly declared themselves as diasporic vibe controllers.

In “Area Boy,” NSG continues to break cultural boundaries. When asked about the album’s title, group member Papii Abz explained that it was a term used to insult them on a social platform. However, they decided to reclaim it and change its meaning. According to Abz, NSG aims to redefine what it means to be an “area boy.” They see themselves as diamonds in the dirt, representing their struggling council estates, and they aim to be a positive influence in these communities.

NSG’s debut album showcases all six members stepping up to deliver vibrant tracks. With production from talented artists like JAE5, Diztortion, and Supa Dups, their music is a celebration of culture. It seamlessly blends Nigerian pidgin with amapiano (“NELLA ROSE”), delivers psychedelic-fueled anthems (“ZOMBIE”), and even reunites with their honorary “seventh member” Tion Wayne on “POCKET-WATCHING.”

Papii Abz emphasizes that NSG is more than just a sum of its individual members. They understand the importance of each member’s contribution, and this understanding allows them to play their parts effectively. Sonically, their music is deeply rooted in the motherland, celebrating African rhythms. Any fusion or experimentation with other elements is a reflection of their shared interests and creative decisions.

“Area Boy” is not just an album; it’s a cultural movement, and NSG is at the forefront, leading the charge to redefine Afroswing and bring the joy of their heritage to the world.

Listen below.

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