Oda Papa: Wiyaala Drops Her First Hi Life Song And Sings in Twi Language

“Oda Papa” is song number 6 of the campaign, “WIYAALA UNLEASHES ELEVEN NEW SONGS IN ELEVEN WEEKS,”

“ODA PAPA” is Wiyaala’s first High-life recording. It’s a love song which I sing mainly in the Twi language, but also in English, Sissali, and Waale, showcasing the many languages spoken in Ghana, she said.

Some say northern artists should sing in Twi to gain more attention in Ghana’s southern regions. Others say we should the use our northern languages to preserve our cultural legacy.

To get a balance between the different opinions, Wiyaala recorded a song that blends Twi, Ghana’s most common language, into its rhythm. Perhaps in the future, I’ll explore Fante, Ewe and the many languages spoken in Ghana.

Above all, “Odo Papa” is a song about being happy with a lover. It’s her sincerest wish that this song uplifts your heart as much as it does with mine.

Get it here : https://song.link/i/1748126620

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