Spinall Recruits Teni For New Track ‘Psalm 23’

Following a calculated hiatus following the release of the Wizkid song Loju in June 2023, famed record producer and disc jockey SPINALL returns to the forefront with a brand-new hit, Psalm 23. The single features the fiery vocals of the extremely gifted Teni, resulting in a remarkable duet that is sure to resonate with fans.

The title itself is a bold statement, inspired by the famous biblical chapter of the same name. SPINALL and Teni specifically refer to lines 4 and 5, which discuss conquering problems with faith and divine protection. These poems provide a clear picture of overcoming adversity: “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear evil, because thou art with me; thy rod and staff comfort me. Thou preparest a feast before me in the midst of my foes; thou anointst my head with oil; my cup overflows.”

With this scripture as their base, SPINALL and Teni create a poetic work that glorifies resilience and confidence. Lines like “My enemies dey wait me for the door, all of una together no fit koba me, Psalm 23 cover me” perfectly express the central idea. They profess their faith in their own skills and the existence of a greater power who protects them from negativity and malicious purpose. They are unaffected by the presence of haters or those who wish them harm, believing they are safe and headed for success.

Beyond the profound message, Psalm 23 shines with great production from SPINALL himself. Teni’s beautiful voice soar against the backdrop of his unique style and amapiano sound. The rhythm pulsates with contagious energy, and the melody remains long after the final note fades.

SPINALL’s homecoming couldn’t have been more significant. Psalm 23 is an anthem for everybody who has ever encountered difficulty. It’s a poignant reminder that with faith and resilience, anyone can conquer any challenge and emerge victorious. The collaboration between SPINALL and Teni is evident, resulting in an empowering and catchy track.

Get it here : https://song.link/i/1737261009

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