The 5 Best Afrobeat/Afropop Albums Of November 2023

November brought forth a cascade of musical treasures, with several African artists delivering exceptional Afropop and Afrobeat albums. Here are the top 5 albums that graced our ears and playlists last month:

Efya – No More Tears

On November 3rd, 2023, the world bore witness to the release of Efya’s highly anticipated EP, titled ‘No More Tears’. This collection of four emotionally charged tracks will took listeners on an intense and transformative journey, weaving together Efya’s personal triumphs over trials, tribulations, heartbreak, and the profound lessons learned along the way.

Collaborating with the incredibly talented and genre-bending producer LOUDA from Nigeria, Efya has found her ideal musical partner. Together, they created an EP that resonates deeply, transcending boundaries and defying expectations. The result was a harmonious fusion of soul, spirituality, and raw emotion that left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who listened.

Shallipopi – Presido La Pluto

Following the energetic release of his dynamic single, “Evil Receive,” earlier in the week, Shallipopi, the current talk of the town, has now fulfilled the eager anticipation of his fans with the long-awaited debut album. Aptly titled “Presido La Pluto,” the album arrives precisely as Shallipopi had promised, marking a significant milestone in his burgeoning career. Known as the Pluto Presido, the artist utilizes this project as a platform to assert his position as the “Presido La Pluto” — the president of Pluto.

“Presido La Pluto” is interwoven with 13 tracks, each showcasing Shallipopi’s captivating style. The album also boasts noteworthy collaborations, featuring guest appearances from artists such as Odumodublvck, Folalistic, Tekno, and his very own brother, Zerry DL. Shallipopi’s artistic prowess and creativity take center stage in this album, promising listeners an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Having already claimed the spotlight as one of the hottest artists in Nigeria this year, with hit records like “Elon Musk,” “Ex Convict,” and the critically acclaimed debut EP, “Planet Pluto,” Shallipopi continues to demonstrate his musical prowess with the release of “Presido La Pluto.”

Herman Suede – A Wonderful Time

Ghanaian singer, songwriter, and performer Herman Suede has continuously displayed his versatility and growing maturity with every release. Now he’s releasing his latest project, a 4-track EP titled ‘A Wonderful Time’, to encapsulate the feeling of celebration, freedom, and joy, as the year concludes.

With this latest project, each song in its own way serves as a call to action to shed the weight of stress and anxiety that has been carried throughout the year to focus on life’s pleasures, whether it be through love, partying, road trips or general self-care and self-prioritization. Each song is designed to create different imagery and transports the listener to unique space and time with every play.

On this project, Herman is able to deliver a vibrant alté-inspired intro song “Vanilla”, before seamlessly switching to a more traditionally Afrobeats love ballad, “Lose Control” featuring fellow Ghanaian artist, Niashun. Here, they put their own spin on a song about courting a love interest and losing control in the process. Herman then creates a masterful modern rendition of palmwine and highlife music with “Wonderful Time,” the EPs title track featuring UK Artist Benty. He concludes the EP with “Final Destination,” a heavy Amapiano infused club banger which features Herman’s most energetic delivery of the project, indicating that listeners have reached the end-goal of the project which is to party and experience a release of emotion and tension.

‘A Wonderful Time’ is a testament to Herman’s ingenuity, infusing a multitude of influences from Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, Amapiano, R&B, and Highlife to paint varied pictures with each song. Herman’s lyricism, dexterity and creativity are on full display throughout this project. Each song shows a different side of the multi-faceted Artist, and combined perfectly with each artist featured on the project to truly make the listening experience ‘A Wonderful Time’!

Joeboy – Body, Soul & Spirit

Derived from the rich tapestry of his May 2023 sophomore album, “Body & Soul,” Joeboy’s latest EP, “Body, Soul & Spirit,” extends an additional layer to his contemplations on life and love. Infusing his signature falsetto into the fluid realm of Afropop, the singer-songwriter presents introspective reflections on companionship, self-discovery, and faith.

In this musical journey, Joeboy skillfully combines brooding interrogations of romance with philosophical musings, seamlessly shifting between the emotive and the cerebral. The EP kicks off with the existential track “Only God Can Save Me,” where poignant lyrics like “My eye dey red/Many things for my head/Many things on my plate/I dey scratch bear-bear” lay bare the artist’s state of mind. An anthem to Joeboy’s unwavering focus, the infectious “24/7” follows suit, setting the stage for the revitalizing vibes of “Telephone,” which rides on shuffling percussion.

The EP’s acoustic gem, “Enemy,” invites listeners into candid reflections, providing a counterpoint to the spiritually infused lyrics of the closing track, “Surviving.” Together, these tracks maintain the EP’s introspective quality, offering a multifaceted experience that encapsulates Joeboy’s growth and musical evolution.

“Body, Soul & Spirit” stands as a testament to Joeboy’s ability to navigate the complexities of existence, blending his velvety vocals with diverse soundscapes. Each track adds a brushstroke to the intricate canvas of Joeboy’s artistic expression, inviting audiences to delve into the essence of his musical world.

Nautyca – Nautyfication

Widely known for his heart-piercing croon tunes, Nautyca, the acclaimed Ghanaian artiste, releases his inaugural 16-track masterpiece, “Nautyfication” which showcases a stellar lineup of industry luminaries, including Sarkodie, Khapital, Kelvyn Boy, Larruso, and more.

“Nautyfication” offers an immersive journey through 16 tracks, seamlessly blending Afrobeat and Highlife influences. The album, available on all major online platforms, promises a captivating musical experience that transcends boundaries.

Within Nautyca’s highly anticipated debut album, “Nautyfication,” there are standout tracks that demand attention and resonate with listeners. “Bum Bum,” featuring the stellar collaboration of Sarkodie and Khapital and produced by Pee Wizzle, kicks off the album with infectious energy and rhythm.

The track “Wiggle,” featuring Larruso and produced by Cycoxxx, adds a dynamic Reggae/Afro-Dancehall flair with its captivating beats and seamless fusion of styles. “Bomber,” produced by Skybeat, introduces a unique sonic landscape, showcasing Nautyca’s versatility.

The compelling “Badman,” also produced by Cycoxxx, further solidifies the album’s impact, providing a glimpse into Nautyca’s prowess in crafting diverse and engaging musical experiences. These highlighted tracks not only showcase the artist’s collaborative spirit but also affirm “Nautyfication” as a must-listen album for those seeking a rich blend of Afrobeat and Highlife and even Reggae/Dancehall influences.

“Nautyfication” is not just an album; it’s a testament to Nautyca’s evolution as an artist and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of Ghanaian music.

Nautyca is a rising star in the Ghanaian music scene, celebrated for his musical versatility and cultural influence. His debut album, “Nautyfication,” stands as a testament to his evolution as an artist and commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

Hailing from Anloga in the Volta Region of Ghana, Nautyca’s musical journey started in the vibrant city of Tema. His transition from rapper to Highlife artist has introduced fans to a spectrum of musical versatility. Nautyca’s debut single, “Social Media,” featuring Sarkodie, set the stage for his meteoric rise.

Crowned the Rising Artist of the Year in 2019 at the Youth Excellence Awards, Nautyca draws inspiration from Davido and Shatta Wale. As the visionary behind his record label, he is not only a musical trailblazer but also a cultural influencer, renowned for the annual flagship event, the Harbour City Concert.

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