Vector – The Energy Still Lives In Me (Full Album)

Renowned Nigerian rapper Vector’s third album is the culmination of a journey of rediscovery and realignment that was kicked off with the passing of the celebrated rapper’s dad in 2017. “I thought I had an idea of what my album was going to be, then suddenly your dad passes and you then start to understand that life is vain, you start to reevaluate the meaning of things you do,” Vector tells Apple Music. “I started to reevaluate what I wanted my music to be like, what I wanted the message to carry, and how I wanted my music [to be]. I was also considering things—iIf life is a fleeting thing that we all can’t hold on to, how then is it easy for us to be distracted by things that we really don’t care about?” Keen to not get bogged down by superficial concerns, the 16 tracks that make up Teslim: The Energy Still Lives In Me reverberate with the clarity of Vector’s convictions as he ponders fatherhood, country, life and romance. With contributions from the likes of Nasty C, Seun Kuti, and Ladipoe, Vector maps out a record of thoughts and moments.A collection of Vector’s life events can be found in The Energy Still Lives In Me. The project is comprehensive and covers a wide range of essential human subjects, including politics, art, and love as well as youth, the economics, and more.

Listen and download ‘The Energy Still Lives In Me’ by Vector below.

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