Amapiano To The World: ‘Asibe Happy’ Features on American TV Show ‘The Walking Dead’

There is yet another global win for African music and collaborations!

Vth Season is extremely proud to have secured the smash hit ‘Asibe Happy’ by Vth Season recording artist Ami Faku, Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa to feature on the American hit show ‘The Walking Dead’.

Amapiano, and African music as a whole continues to make waves across the globe. This musical feature on a widely recognised & highly acclaimed American show is truly yet another testament to the saying ‘Amapiano To The World’!

“Asibe Happy” plays on The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 6 – ‘The Last Time’, as Rick (played by English Actor Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (played by Zimbabwean-American actress Danai Gurira) drive off after performing a near-impossible miracle.

The Amapiano song adds a touching layer to the story that is set in a world where humanity is fighting for survival against undead hordes. As the audience watches as the survivors find their way through the dangerous land of the zombie apocalypse, they hear “Asibe Happy” playing, which offers them hope in the midst of chaos. The melodies remind characters Rick Grimes and Michonne of the world they left behind as they try to survive.

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