Introducing: “Work & Play” by Wiyaala – The Ultimate Anthem for Your Daily Hustle!

Wiyaala, The Lioness of Africa is back, and she’s not alone!

This time, she’s teamed up with the electrifying K.O.G to bring you a song guaranteed to get you moving.

As part of her groundbreaking campaign, “WIYAALA UNLEASHES ELEVEN NEW SONGS IN ELEVEN WEEKS,” we are thrilled to present Week 2 of 11. Every Friday from 31st May through to August 9th, 2024, Wiyaala will be releasing new songs that promise to redefine your music experience.

“Work & Play” is more than just a song; it’s a movement. Africans WORK HARD, on farms, in construction, mining, teaching and nursing. Often in unrelenting hot sun. But we also know how to PLAY HARD. This track, recorded at the renowned MU Studios in Sheffield, UK, with the masterful production of Martin Smith captures the spirit of determination and the joy of life.

🎶 Why “Work & Play”? Here’s Why:

Explosive Energy: If you’ve ever witnessed Wiyaala and K.O.G perform live, you know the kind of dynamic power they bring to the stage. Now, imagine that in your headphones!
Motivational Melody: Start your day with a dose of inspiration. This muscular new banger is the perfect soundtrack for your morning routine.
Irresistible Beats: Crafted to make you move, “Work & Play” is a call to action. It’s time to rise, shine, and conquer your day with vigor!

Get it here :

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